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110kV embedded fiber composite insulator is operated in Zhangqiao Substation, Yanling, Henan Province

On January 20th, 2014, the 110kV Zhangqiao power transmission and transformation project in Yanling, Henan Province was successfully operated with load, marking the official completion and operation of the third 110kV substation in Yanling County. The fiber insulator in the 3-phase NAE-GL110Z all-fiber current transformer used in this project is manufactured by PEIPORT. The application of the 110kV embedded fiber composite insulator in this substation fully reflects its advantages of optical power measurement such as safety, stability, intelligence and low carbon.



The completion and operation of the project has added 110 kV power source points in the southern area of Yanling County, greatly optimized the power supply radius and grid structure, and greatly improved the power supply capacity and quality, providing a strong power support for the sustainable and rapid economic and social development of Yanling County.

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