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±800kV composite hollow insulator was applied in Suzhou Tongli converter station

 In February 2012, Jiangsu drop point converter station of Jinping - South Jiangsu ±800kV DC transmission project - Tongli converter station was put into operation. The voltage transformer with ±800kV composite hollow insulator provided by PEIPORT was connected to the network and operated well in this converter station. This is following the Ningdong-Shandong ±660kV DC power transmission demonstration project, PEIPORT in the DC voltage level has taken a new step.

±800kV Tongli Converter Station is located in Hengshan Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with a total area of 16.6 hectare. The station is the receiving converter station of Jinping I and II East China ±800kV DC power transmission project, namely Jinping - Sunan ±800kV UHV DC project, with a converter power of 7200MW. The project converts the hydropower resources from Sichuan Province to the DC power that is sent to Suzhou through the UHV DC transmission line point-to-point into AC for consumption. It is currently the higher voltage grade DC converter station in the world.

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